Monday, June 20, 2016

Devita Stipek Writer - About my Artist Name

I sign my paintings "Stipek Writer".  No I am not also a writer.  But my husband Ross Writer is both a Writer (last name) and a writer (he writes, his main blog is "Our Alaska-Island in a Storm").  Funny how those things work out. My maiden name is Stipek. I decided to sign my paintings Stipek Writer out of honor and respect for my parents, Frank and Virginia Stipek, who were so supportive of my decision to become a painter. 

My mother's maiden name was Boucher, and she and I are direct descendants of the famous French Painter, Fran├žois Boucher (French, Paris 1703–1770 Paris).  If I have any natural God Given talent, perhaps there is a genetic connection.

The Stipek clan settled in Nome during the Gold Rush in the early 1900's.  There is a museum in Nome that is named after my great aunt Carrie M. McLain.  I still have distant relatives in Nome. Aunt Carrie was an Alaska character, a school teacher, who wrote a couple books about teachin in frontier Alaska.  As a little girl, I remember seeing Aunt Carrie at Stipek Family Reunion picnics.

Even Stipek family reunion picnics have a touch of "fame".  They are held every year Stipek Park, in Snohomish County (Seattle - Everett Washington area) and is "named for the Carol Stipek (my uncle) family that lived on this site, Stipek Park opened in 1999 as the first park in the Snohomish County portion of the City."

I can take credit for none of this, of course.

My 'professional, Facebook page is Devita Stipek Writer or if you want to send a friend request to my regular Facebook page it is just Devita Writer